Single Vineyard Cabernet Sauvignon

I am trying to change the way you think about wine.


This is not a traditional winery. I am not trying to replicate the same wines from the same vineyards year after year. Most wine drinkers love the sense of tradition in wine – the idea that the vineyard and winery transcend their own time and place and the wine drinker is connected to the past and future through this tradition. In fact this is one of the elements that first attracted me to wine.

But vintages vary with the climate, vineyards change and mature, and winemakers grow and evolve in their understanding of this craft. The wine that is produced one year cannot be exactly reproduced in any other year. I believe it’s not the permanence of what we do that gives wine its beauty, but rather the ephemerality.

I think the knowledge that any given wine is singular and unique and will live only in memory after the last bottle is consumed is even more beautiful than the traditional model of continuity and permanence. That is why I am working in this framework.


One vineyard, One Variety, One Vintage.


Each year I will contract one acre of Cabernet Sauvignon from a grower and vineyard I respect. I will tailor the winemaking to accentuate the terroir of that site. I will document the winemaking here.


And then never repeat that vineyard again.